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The mcnair national Research Journal

The McNair Research Journal features the work of any McNair Program student scholars, who are recruited from underrepresented groups for graduate study level preparation.

The Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program was established by Congress in 1986 after the tragic explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger that killed seven crew members, including Dr. McNair. This journal will be published annually and only in an online (electronic) format. It will be interdisciplinary in nature and will include certain multimedia projects that lend themselves to this format. This journal is open to all McNair scholars (national in scope) including current students, as well as recent alumni (within a 4-year post baccalaureate time frame.

For questions related to the journal, please email us at McNair.Map.Journal@gmail.com

Interested in submitting?

Guidelines for submission:

  1. Must be faculty approved prior to submission
  2. Must be from a McNair Program that is a current member of MAP
  3. Must include an abstract and proper citations (APA - 7th edition format)
  4. Limited to a range of 3,000–5,000-word research paper submission (approximately 6-10 single-spaced pages; 12-20  double-spaced pages and does include the abstract or citation reference list).
  5. Peer reviewed by 1) faculty mentors and 2) reviewers from same or related disciplines
  6. Inclusive of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM); Education; Business; and the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  7. Student submissions may be in one of three formats: 1) research paper, 2) research “reflection” piece limited to 750 words, or 3) creative expressions project.
  8.  Student submissions to the 2024 Annual Edition of the Journal will open on September 1, 2023. Following the Editorial Board's initial review of submissions for formatting, citation, and content, we expect to contact outside reviewers by mid-January 2024. Submitters will then be notified by late-March 2024 of their submission status.

Call for Reviewers!

Thank you for your interest in serving as a Journal Reviewer for the McNair Research Journal!

This Journal will accept research manuscripts, creative expression projects, and reflection pieces. We are looking for reviewers with a wide range of expertise and an understanding of undergraduate research to provide critical feedback and help render decisions on acceptance. 

​Becoming a Reviewer for Undergraduate Research:

Getting involved in the peer review process can be a highly rewarding experience that can also improve your own research, your mentoring skills, and help to further your career.


The McNair Research Journal will accept scholar submissions beginning in September 1, 2023. Reviewers will receive assignments by mid-January, 2024 and will be asked to submit their completed reviews by March 31, 2024. As an ad-hoc reviewer, you would only be asked to review submissions that are within your expertise.

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Journal: McNair.Map.Journal@gmail.com

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